About Us

SEEK has its roots in several decades of hands on operations and engineering experience in the Oil and Bulk shipping industry.

The rare spectrum of uncertainties that seafarers and their families ashore face everyday - personal, interpersonal, social, cultural, technical, legal, often financial and always, of course, geographical - are also a uniquely rich opportunity to understand Human nature in all its variations.

SEEK began with studying Case histories that illustrated the commonly stated belief that Human Error is the cause of over 80 percent accidents in all industries involving physical operations.

An insight by Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi that Psychology has suffered from a deficiency he termed as "Physics envy" and has therefore always been at a disadvantage in defending itself within the rules of the Physical sciences, has led us to a diametrically opposite understanding.

SEEK believes that the Human Element destroys error chains, and enables mechanical, procedural and team systems to become relevant in the physical environment.

We are in any field of service which calls for real physical risk to human life, limb or assets.

We research effective, end to end solutions for problems that may be found in any technical-human-team operation from the ground up.

We plant our boots on the lowest deck of an operational situation to sense and map its dynamic physical challenges. We then craft consultative solutions that are practicable (and enhance energy flow motivation and situational awareness) for the live stakeholders at its different levels.

Going beyond records based audits, we observe the dynamic effect of external factors which shape human performance - including written procedures and organizational culture, Hardware, team composition and the Physical environment. By listening with empathy and respect we also try to identify internal factors that affect each key participant in an end to end operation, voyage or business cycle.

We aim for individuals to be in a high performance, no deadwood state of flow by presence on the ground and attention to their actions as they work.

We do it primarily for the stakeholders that are closest to real physical risk from dynamic operating environments. To the extent that physical operating environments, management processes, equipment and team interactions shape their personal human performance and errors of judgement and omission we do it for every stakeholder in a business - whether in its finance, management or research aspects. We do it for you.

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