How We Help

We aim at the following outcomes for our clients -

Inverting of unproductive cultures such as blame.
Reduced errors due to omission of required responses in management process flows.
Reduced errors due to mis-judgement of currently relevant circumstances.
Intrinsically motivated and Situationally aware individuals composing the team.
A High and internally Sustained performance in vetting by your clients, and in benchmark KPI's by the following:-

Counselling of seafarers:

- Post tenure technical and non-technical debriefing and evaluation.
- Dealing with trauma at Sea.
- Behavioral interventions and therapy using NLP and Hypnosis.
- Stress management.
- Interpersonal issues.
- Human-technical issues.
- Social and family adjustment issues.

On-board Coaching and Mentoring:

This need has never been greater on a majority of merchant ships today. With charterers and regulators demanding a continuous rise in standards on the one hand, and market forces demanding the least expensive least trained crew on the other the gap has never been wider between evolving requirements and existing levels of skill and experience.

Senior shipmates, traditionally the best on-the-job coaches and trainers. are now too preoccupied and overburdened with countless procedural tasks to learn and do themselves. Too often there is simply not enough time to devote to a satisfying level of training.

Our on-board coaches conduct a short exacting pre-inspection of your vessel, and a dynamic audit of operations to give you a heads up on critical gaps apparent to a third party with an independent viewpoint. Inverting the "blame culture" they then get on with devising solutions on the spot with your existing ship-shore team and resources.

The outcome is that a better prepared ship and better trained crew is presented to charterers, pre-vetted by a knowledgeable, experienced, and independent professional working on your behalf.

Our on-board coaches have the highest levels of sailing and command experience available globally. Typically, they also train seafarers ashore while continuing their on-board currency with brief sea tenures.

They have a genuine need to pass on the craft of seafaring to the next generation.

Case Studies:

We study and illustrate incident reports with utmost sensitivity for all stakeholders while maintaining full integrity with documented facts. The studies are technically and chronologically authentic and may be used at any time in conjunction with published reports.

The extremely simple and basic illustration format is interactive and has evolved from experiments going back to 2006 within a multimedia team working for the world's leading provider of maritime CBT's. Visual gizmos and graphic distractions, sound or video have been kept away - or left for the best Disney or cinema artists of your choice to add later - and text is hidden away unless the user wants to see it. The full chronological illustration may be grasped by clicking through within a single minute. Users may then drill down for facts to their chosen level of detail using buttons embedded in each frame.

Case studies prepare individuals at all levels in a physical - risk exposed organization by giving face time to the challenges of the real and dynamic environment. Our aim is to help users anticipate similar situations in their own contexts and evolve insights into interventions that would enable them to be in their element when confronted.

They are particularly designed to stimulate brainstorming for insights during workshops and group discussions.

Resource Management Workshops:

Our Boutique resource management workshops have evolved from facilitating studies from the aviation, medical surgery, nuclear power generation and space industries with experienced and active seafarers for several years ashore and at sea. They go well beyond the IMO's STCW requirements and P & I Club statistics and recommendations.

Perhaps uniquely they encompass and integrate the unique insights and viewpoint of the seafarers family and the personal and social stresses they are subject to. SEEK's facilitators are a couple who have been at sea for several years, and both have also practiced as certified Workshop Leaders for the world's leading and earliest P and I club based MRM academy.

SEEK's workshops engage participants in evolving an awareness of human factors that affect ships operations and also of several non-theological exercises that they may adopt. The aim is to improve mindfulness and intrinsic energy by using the achievement motive with basic personal assets each day whether at sea or ashore.

  • The Seek MRM Workshops Jan 2012

  • Research for Root cause remedies:

    We plant our boots on the lowest deck of an operational situation to sense and map its dynamic physical challenges. We then craft consultative solutions that are practicable (and enhance energy flow motivation and situational awareness) for the live stakeholders at its different levels.

    Going beyond records based audits, we observe the dynamic effect of external factors which shape human performance - including written procedures and organizational culture, Hardware, team composition and the Physical environment. By listening with empathy and respect we also try to identify internal factors that affect each key participant in an end to end operation, voyage or business cycle.

    Our aim is for individuals to be in a high performance, no deadwood state of flow by presence on the ground and attention to their actions as they work.

    In person coaching and mentoring:

    This is offered to dedicated young seafarers within practical proximity of our premises in Gurgaon, India, who are committed to meeting the challenges of a seafaring life which are not limited to Examinations, Viva-voce's, inspections, technical and human issues when at sea and ashore.

    Please contact us if you are within reach.

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